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Armour Competition 2018

This years armour competition was as usual fiercely fought with a stunning array of models on the table. This years winner with two entries was Mick Broad with his B.A.O.R (British Army On the Rhine) Warrior Armoured Personnel Carrier. In second place was Mark Gilberts German “Standard Panzer ‘D’ Turret circa 1962 which had an auto loader and 105mm gun, I don’t believe any were actually made. In third place was another Warrior APC this time by Jim Buckland. It was particularly pleasing to see Jims entry as he’s been unable to bring anything to the table  for a while due to illness. Thank you to all who entered and voted. Next month is an open competition so get building and bring whatever you want.

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May 2018 Open Competition

Not a massive turnout this month but there was quality in abundance dare I say as usual. The (mostly) chaps of the Chelmsford Model Club have excelled again in their variety and quality of subjects. So lets get right down to it. In first place was Phil Lloyd Worths splendid model of the pre WW1 era Japanese pre-dreadnought battleship Mikasa ( built in Barrow !) and preserved as a museum ship was , must visit. In second place was John Burts excellent mounted figure of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne and in third place was  Ulrichs pristine !/48th scale Airfix Spitfire Mk XIX. Well you can’t go far wrong if you start with a modern Airfix kit these days, especially if you’re as talented as Ulrich.

I’d like to say hello too to new member Barry Kaye and congratulations id coming fourth in his first attempt with his lovely 1/32nd scale Spitfire.

Remember next month is the armour competition so tanks ( and trucks ) at the ready please and you could be taking home the armour trophy. Until next time, cheers and thanks for watching.


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April 2018 Open Competition

So it’s April and it’s raining, still, will it ever stop ? Fortunately however it wasn’t raining in the Horse & Groom though it wasn’t dry in a drinky kind of way. Well the competition this month was an open competition so bring anything you’ve built where the only rule is that you can’t have brought it before in before. We had a discussion as to whether now that we’re an IPMS affiliated club we should follow IPMS rules regarding competition entry. Once I mentioned that one of the IPMS rules states that you can add your own seat belts to aircraft when it’s an out of the box competition, well that went down like a lead balloon so fortunately we’ve decided not to apply IPMS rules to any competition. Makes my life a wee bit simpler. Meanwhile back at the competition the winner this month was John McDermott with his Dragon 1/35th scale Saladin Mk2, in 2nd place was Phil Lloyd-Worth with his 1/32nd scale Corsair F4U1 and bringing up the rear was Bobs Cessna 02a Skymaster also in 1/32nd scale. Thank all for entering and next month is another open competition so bring what you like. Until next time happy modelling.

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March 2018 Dave Heyward Trophy

To give it it’s correct title every March the Chelmsford Model Club ( now a member of IPMS ) holds a competition for the “Dave Heyward Memorial Trophy”. This competition is open to all club members and always has an aircraft theme. This year being the 100th anniversary of the forming of the RAF the theme had been narrowed so that it had to be connected with the RAF. There were a large number of entries both large and small and as you can see the table was almost completely filled. After the final reckoning the winner was John McDermott with his 1/48th scale Airfix Hurricane being re-armed. Second place went to Brian Thomas for with his very colourful Hercules C130 in a “DERA” scheme used for meteorological purposes ,In third place was Phil Batten with his 1/48th scale Consolidated Catalina that occupied a fair portion of the table ! Thank you to all those who entered and next month is an open competition so bring anything you like.

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We have joined IPMS (UK)

Following discussion at recent club meetings we have applied for, and been accepted into IPMS (UK).

The running of the club will remain essentially the same as before but there are benefits from belonging to the organisation which have been considered and accepted by our club members.

Membership also allows us to participate in the world’s biggest model show (Scale Model World at Telford in November).  We have already applied to attend this year’s show.

So, if you are an IPMS member (or even if you’re not), come over to us at the many model shows we attend and say ‘Hi’

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On Track Show Report

On Track was held at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkstone on the 24th of February 2018. Athough not officially attended by the Chelmsford Model Club there were a number of members from the club attending under the guise of Essex MAFVA and Gravesend Model Club. Not having been before I can’t tell whether this was quieter than usual but I was told by a few participants that it was. Chelmsford Model Club members Mark Gilbert and John McDermott both received Highly Commended certificates in Class 1 ( Military vehicles 1/48th scale or larger ). So here are a few of the things that caught my eye on the way round in no particular order.


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February 2018 Open Competition

As you can see there was a bumper crop of models submitted in this February’s competition. This months winner and recipient of the £10 prize was Mark Gilbert with his 1/35th scale T55 Enigma. Second place went to John McDermott with his 1/35th scale Morris Quad, limber & 25pdr Gun. Third place went to Ulrich Kempt for his 1/32nd scale P47 N Thunderbolt. Well done to all the other entrants. Next month is the Dave Heyward trophy and this year the theme is the RAF as it’s the 100th anniversary of the founding of the RAF so sorry Ulrich you’ll have to come over to the bright side 🙂 See you next month.