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June 2017 Armour Competition

June means armour at the Chelmsford Model Club. We hold a competition open to all but the subject must be armour. There is a shiny trophy to be had but no prize money. This year there were a bumper number of entries, 23. The standard of entries was very high so please enjoy the photos. In first place was Mr M Gilbert with his Churchill Bridge Layer. Second place went to Mr P Lloyd for his T34 diorama and third place was taken by Mr J McDermott with his Vickers A1E1 Independent. Joint fourth went to Mr M Pitt and Mr B Hogan for the Ford Quad and Fury dioramas respectively. Thanks to all who entered it was a sterling effort.

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May 2017 Club Competition

Once again we welcomed all to the Horse & Groom Galleywood and come they did a select few at least. Maybe not a band of brothers but they’ve all been banned from somewhere I’ll bet. Onto the serious business of the club competition that was won this month by B. Hogan with his 1/35th scale Tamiya Panther tank nicely painted and weathered. Second came J. Burt with his impressive figures of John Hampden from the English civil war and bringing up the rear was D. Oliver with his wee vertical take-off prototype the Shorts Sc1. Same time next month, 2nd Tuesday of June where we host the armour competition a few weeks ahead of the MAFVA nationals by a strange coincidence, tatty bye.

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April 2017 Club Competition

If it’s competition time there’s likely to be a Tebbutt in there somewhere and this month is no exception with Andy taking top honours for his junk yard scene. A newcomer to the club Mr B Hogan came 2nd with his M1126 Stryker, well done and bringing up the rear like Dick Dastardly was Darren with his Ford Fairlans towing a wee boat, Mr Burt came a close 4th with Fiona. Well done to everyone who entered and better luck next time if you weren’t placed. Next month it’s the May competition but maybe you’d guessed that already, it’s an open competition so bring what you like and good luck you might win the £10 top prize !


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March 2017 The Dave Heyward Trophy

Every March the club holds this competition to celebrate a former modeller no longer with us. The competition is for aircraft or related subjects so apart from aircraft it could include aircraft carriers, vehicles in RAF colours, pilots etc. This year from a bumper crop of entries Ulrich won with his 1/32nd scale Junkers 88, Jim came second with his stunning Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi and Bob earned a well deserved 3rd spot with his 1/32nd scale F18 Hornet with an eye watering camouflage scheme. Bob stands down after many years service organising the competition, table decoration and lighting, thanks Bob. Taking over Bobs role requires the efforts of two men (?) so from now on it will be Phil & John (me) messing things up. Well at least if I’m adding up the voting slips I might win something, know what I mean Jim ? Nudge nudge wink wink.





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February 2017 A Bumper Crop

Not much flourishes in winter but it looks like modellers do. An excellent turn out led to difficult voting decisions but in the end the Land Rover diorama snatched it. Pun intended. Jim might be able to supply some more details if you’re lucky. Congratulations John T for the winning entry.

The ‘hands’ are those of Jens who gave us an informative masterclass on scribing panel lines – Thanks Jens!

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January 2017 Club Champion

Well the best modeller of the year competition was held this month at our usual venue the Horse & Groom Galleywood. The aim of this competition held for the first time this month is that all the winners from the previous 12 months do a kind of face off with the best model being voted on by the clubs members. Congratulations go to Mr Dave O who won just ahead pf Dave O who ran him a close second with Mark G bringing up the rear in third place. Enjoy the models. For all of us who forgot about the competition and brought models that weren’t previous winners there are images of those too  and I expect a few will return next month. Enjoy.

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December 2016 Club Meeting

Well, this was the end of another busy year for the club. As usual, we ended with our Christmas ‘bash’ (end of year report, buffet and ‘What if?’ competition for the Sonny Trophy).

Thanks to all who took part (Hopefully pictures soon – courtesy of ‘MacTavish’) and congratulations to Chris C for his unique take on the Panzerstandenuppentoilettenwagen (or something similar) which won this year’s trophy.  I’d like to take it to some of the shows next year – just to hear some of the comments.

I’d like to wish all our members, followers and friends a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and hope to see you at the many shows we attend during 2017.


McTavish here. Sorry for the delay. Bit of a cock up on the computer front. Thought I’d lost the little blighters when Jerry bombed my old computer. Saved from the rubble at last though toodle pip. Congratulations Chris, a very well deserved win with his “Panzerstandenuppentoilettenwagen” or mobile crapper as we like to call it round here.

PS Jim it’s 2016 not 2012 ! I know you’re living in the past but I worry about you sometimes.