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Club Competition November 2018

Our monthly competition attracted many and varied subjects this month. This months winner and the recipient of a crisp new £10 note was Dave Oliver with his very skilfully painted Reaper Dragon. In second place was Andy Tebbitt with his well weathered farm shop sign / van and in third place was Phil Battens excellent Dornier 217K2. Next month is the Soni Trophy so amusing entries please. See you in December.

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Chelmsford Model Club at Scale Model World 2018

“Chelmsford Model Club” was only recently affiliated to the “International Plastic Model Society”. One of the benefits of the club joining IPMS is that they have the change of exhibiting at the yearly “Scale Model World” exhibition held in Telford. So here are a few pictures of our stand from Saturday & Sunday the 10th and 11th of November 2018.

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Happy 30th Birthday ( September meet )

Well who’d have thought it ? Just as well somebody was keeping track but it’s Chelmsford Model Clubs 30th birthday this month. I’m not sure if any original members are still in the club or are even alive still but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us all. As it was a special occasion for the club we had a free bar and some hot food at The Horse & Groom ( Galleywood, our usual venue ) to celebrate.

Well with that out of the way there was still the yearly “build out of the box” competition which has cash prizes for first, second and third. The rules for this competition are simple and basically you can use what’s in the box and nothing else other than glue, filler and paint. No photo etch, resin or after market decals.

This years recipient of the £25 first prize was Barry Kaye with his lovely 1/72nd scale Airfix JU87 Stuka. Second place went to Ulrich Kempf  for his excellent 1/48th scale Seafire also by Airfix I think. Bringing up the rear in third place was Mick Pits 1/700th scale USS Comte De Grasse built from the Dragon kit.

Well done to all who entered and next months competition is an open competition so anything goes, any scale, any price and as much after market detail as you can shake a stick at if you want. Until next time, get building.





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Essex Modellers Show

Just to let you all know there’s a new page with pictures from this years Essex Modellers Show Here

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July 2018 Open Competition

Well with the world cup and endless sunshine you might think that there wouldn’t have been a lot of modelling happening but of course you’d be wrong. An excellent crop of models were on display and in great variety. For some reason there was no armour this month but there were plenty of things with wheels, some with only two. This months winner was once again Phil Lloyd-Worth with his Type IIA U-Boat. After a recount there was an unusual tie for second place between Guys Mosquito and Darrens Suzuki Katana. So that means that Bob Pamores Hawker Hurricane Mk 1has been bumped up to third 🙂

Another open competition next month so get building, the world cup is over so no more excuses.

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Armour Competition 2018

This years armour competition was as usual fiercely fought with a stunning array of models on the table. This years winner with two entries was Mick Broad with his B.A.O.R (British Army On the Rhine) Warrior Armoured Personnel Carrier. In second place was Mark Gilberts German “Standard Panzer ‘D’ Turret circa 1962 which had an auto loader and 105mm gun, I don’t believe any were actually made. In third place was another Warrior APC this time by Jim Buckland. It was particularly pleasing to see Jims entry as he’s been unable to bring anything to the table  for a while due to illness. Thank you to all who entered and voted. Next month is an open competition so get building and bring whatever you want.

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May 2018 Open Competition

Not a massive turnout this month but there was quality in abundance dare I say as usual. The (mostly) chaps of the Chelmsford Model Club have excelled again in their variety and quality of subjects. So lets get right down to it. In first place was Phil Lloyd Worths splendid model of the pre WW1 era Japanese pre-dreadnought battleship Mikasa ( built in Barrow !) and preserved as a museum ship was , must visit. In second place was John Burts excellent mounted figure of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne and in third place was  Ulrichs pristine !/48th scale Airfix Spitfire Mk XIX. Well you can’t go far wrong if you start with a modern Airfix kit these days, especially if you’re as talented as Ulrich.

I’d like to say hello too to new member Barry Kaye and congratulations id coming fourth in his first attempt with his lovely 1/32nd scale Spitfire.

Remember next month is the armour competition so tanks ( and trucks ) at the ready please and you could be taking home the armour trophy. Until next time, cheers and thanks for watching.