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October 2017 Open Competition

Back from holidays to resume my usual work of taking photos and counting the votes for the Chelmsford Model Club. Sorry for the delay in putting this up but it’s actually a knock on from the previous month when I was away. Anyaway I’m sure nobody’s interested in the club website administration timings so straight away lets congratulate Andy Tebbutt for his winning tractor & recovery vehicle diorama “Bedford & Fergie” in 1/24th scale that won this months competition, sounds like a 70s cop show ? In second place was an excellent scratch built ship in 1/192 scale by Eric Dyke “HMS Chelmer” a River class frigate named after one of the three rivers that flows through Chelmsford the others being the Can and the Wid. In third place was Mr Olivers lovely Dassault Ouragan in 1/48th scale followed by Darrens busy garage scene in fourth place. There was only one point separating 2nd third and fourth places this month so very tight competition for the runners up spots. Well done to everyone that entered and as old Mr Grace would say “keep up the good work”.

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September 2017 Out Of The Box

Ok so what we mean by this is that Septembers competition is for models that are built using only the parts that come in the box so no etch, no resin, no after market parts whatsoever and not even a base unless it’s “in the box”, you get the idea ?  A further criteria is that the kit shouldn’t retail at more than £35 which will make it really tricky next year given how the price of kits is shooting up, ho hum. Meanwhile back at the competition that I missed.
I was away in Peru (2nd last photo ) so my trusty deputy Mr McAuliffe ( last photo ) did a sterling job taking the photos, thank you very much Colin. Well that’s how it’s supposed to go but from the photos it looks a bit different, not sure what’s going on there I think I’ll have a word with the competition secretary, that’s me too. If I get any of this wrong then it’s because I can’t read the writing on the score sheet but here goes. Our glorious winner was Mr B Lawrence with hi mighty big 88mm flak gun in 1/18th scale. In second place was Mick with his 1/48th scale “Flying Tiger” and in third place was Darren with his Hitachi excavator. Well done to all who entered and sorry it’s taken so long to get this published as I was away for quite a while, until next time happy modelling.

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August 2017 Open Competition

Despite it being the traditional holiday season and a slightly lower turn out of bodies in the pub there were a bumper crop of models on the ( pool ) table. The competition was won this month was won by Mr J. Tebbutt senior with his wonderful farm diorama with all scenery scratch built using everything from watch gears ( the saws ) to biros ( for the ridge tiles ). Bob was a very good runner up with his impressive 1/32nd scale F35A Lightning II as intended for use on the new aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth and Darren came a gallant third with his YELLOW Chevrolet Bel Air 1957. Thank you to everyone for entering the competition and remember it’s the “out of the box” competition next month so if it came in the box you can use it but no after market ( decals, etch etc ) or any other enhancements please. Kit can’t have a retail price above £35 either but apart from that it can be anything, good luck and get building.


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July 2017 Open Competition

An open competition means you can bring anything to the monthly competition with the only provision that it hasn’t been shown before. So if you’ve made a 1:1 model of a crocodile or a 1:1000 scale model of a flee then no problem. Not a huge turnout but there was plenty of quality on display so please enjoy.

We always welcome new members and have been very pleased to welcome a new member from Bryan who served in the the armed forces and is very keen for us to mention an armed forces charity that tries to provide models and modelling materials to veterans.

So here’s a link to a very deserving charity.


Back to the competition and well done Mick P for winning with his Chevrolet truck with 2cm flak. In second place was Darren with his Chevrolet Camaro and lastly well done to John B for his RAF pilot figure. Well done everyone and thanks for entering.

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June 2017 Armour Competition

June means armour at the Chelmsford Model Club. We hold a competition open to all but the subject must be armour. There is a shiny trophy to be had but no prize money. This year there were a bumper number of entries, 23. The standard of entries was very high so please enjoy the photos. In first place was Mr M Gilbert with his Churchill Bridge Layer. Second place went to Mr P Lloyd for his T34 diorama and third place was taken by Mr J McDermott with his Vickers A1E1 Independent. Joint fourth went to Mr M Pitt and Mr B Hogan for the Ford Quad and Fury dioramas respectively. Thanks to all who entered it was a sterling effort.

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May 2017 Club Competition

Once again we welcomed all to the Horse & Groom Galleywood and come they did a select few at least. Maybe not a band of brothers but they’ve all been banned from somewhere I’ll bet. Onto the serious business of the club competition that was won this month by B. Hogan with his 1/35th scale Tamiya Panther tank nicely painted and weathered. Second came J. Burt with his impressive figures of John Hampden from the English civil war and bringing up the rear was D. Oliver with his wee vertical take-off prototype the Shorts Sc1. Same time next month, 2nd Tuesday of June where we host the armour competition a few weeks ahead of the MAFVA nationals by a strange coincidence, tatty bye.

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April 2017 Club Competition

If it’s competition time there’s likely to be a Tebbutt in there somewhere and this month is no exception with Andy taking top honours for his junk yard scene. A newcomer to the club Mr B Hogan came 2nd with his M1126 Stryker, well done and bringing up the rear like Dick Dastardly was Darren with his Ford Fairlans towing a wee boat, Mr Burt came a close 4th with Fiona. Well done to everyone who entered and better luck next time if you weren’t placed. Next month it’s the May competition but maybe you’d guessed that already, it’s an open competition so bring what you like and good luck you might win the £10 top prize !