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Modeller Of The Year 2019

If it’s January it means it’s the Chelmsford Model Club “Modeller Of The Year” competition. This competition has had a few different formats over the years but currently the winners of each of the monthly competitions come together in January to go head to head. Every member of the club votes for their first, second and third choice with points being awarded and totalled at the end. The winner gets to keep a trophy for a year and there’s a £10 prize too.  This years winner was Mr John McDermott with his Tamiya 1/350 scale Bismark that had won the February competition. In 2nd place was Mr John Tebbutts village diorama “Pinta, Posta & Paint” that had won the November competition. Bringing up the rear was Mr Colin McAuliffes 1/35th scale diorame of a ZIS42 half track truck ? Towing a Russian 100mm gun. Well done to all.

Next month will be an open competition so bring anything you like just as long as it hasn’t been down before ! Happy modelling.


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It’s Christmas

It’s that time of year again where we’re looking forward to presents and bad weather. At the Chelmsford Model Club we also look forward to the Christmas buffet and the “Soni” competition. The theme of the competition is a light hearted “what if” in honour of one of our former club members that was taken from us much too early.  There was a good number of excellent entries in this years competition with the winner  ( not for the first time this year ) going to Mr Dave Oliver for his very imaginative vignette titled “You Go First” . In second placed was Tony Headdons’ hand carved “Dwarf Warrior” painted by Dave Oliver. Tony often carves figures and they are the ones often displayed on this site though usually not painted. An excellent 1/48th scale “what if” German jet fighter “TA183” by Stewart Page was placed third. Thanks to all who entered. The staff at the “Horse & Groom” Galleywood provided an excellent buffet and Brian was presented with the “Fat Totem” award for helping out so often this year at the club stand at various shows around the country. Bob presented Dave Oliver with the “Soni Trophy” as you can see in the first picture. See the bottom of the page for details of next months competition, Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.


Next months competition is our “Modeller Of The Year” so only models that have won in the last twelve months are eligible to enter so you should be able to see the following models in January. Everyone else can take a well deserved break so no excuses for not having a full table in February.

(December) Dave Olivers “You Go First”

(November) John Tebbutt “Village Diorama”

(October) Colin McAuliffe ZIS42 with 100mm anti tank gun

(September) If anyone knows who won that month then please tell as I was away on holiday ! Apologies

(August) Jens 1/48th scale F16A

(July) Bobs Lancaster diorama

(June) Keith Jacksons 1/35th scale WWI tank and crew

(May) Dave Olivers “Reaper Fire Giant Jailer”

(April) Phils Heinkel 219 UHU

(March) Phils Horton 229

(February) Johns Bismark

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Open Competition November 2019

Novembers competition was an open competition so build and bring anything. Not a huge number of entries this month so maybe Scale Model World took it’s toll on our building efforts ? What the competition lacked in quantity was made up for in it’s variety so without any further ado here are the results. In first place was John Tebbutt with his village diorama in 1/43rd scale titled “Pinta, Post & Paint”. Second place went to Dave Oliver with his 1/35th scale M26 Pershing tank and in third was Nigel Grooms sculpture of Rita Hayworth as the character “Hilda”. Well done to all who entered.

Next month is our “What If” competition that has a light hearted theme so for instance you could have a Ford Gran Torino in Metropolitans Police colours. December is also the month when we have a buffet meal provided by the club so you don’t have to have your tea first unless you are a bit greedy that is 🙂

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Scale Model World 2019

Added a few photos from SWM 2019 to the menu.


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October 2019 Open Competition

October and the nights are fair drawing in. A good selection of models were on display this month so lets jump straight to the results. In first place was Mr Colin McAuliffes 1/35th scale Russian ZIS42 truck towing a 100mm anti tank gun set in a Russian wood. Second place went to Mike Broad for his 1/35th scale Russian “Terminator 2”. In third place was Dave Olivers “Reaper Shipwreck Revenant” in 1/60th scale. Well done to all who entered the competition. Next month is another open competition so bring what you like. See you soon at the Horse & Groom. Happy modelling.


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August 2019 Open Competition

On a lovely night in August there was a good attendance at “Chelmsford Model Club” and a good selection of models in the competition. This months winner was Jens with his 1/48 scale F16A fighter. Second place went to Andy Wrights 1/35th scale M31 ARV with crew and in third place was Johns M48A3 Tamiya Patton in 1/35th scale. Well done to all who entered. Next moth is the yearly “out of the box” competition so good luck. Until next time happy modelling.


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July 2019 Open Competition

A very busy meeting with a huge number of competition entries and a few work in progress items including Andy Bambers huge Russian style missile launcher scratch built according to his imagination. Bobs huge 1/32nd scale Lancaster converted to a Dam Busters version complete with bouncing bomb on a trolley and a host of other accompanying vehicles took up a whole table !

So the competition went as follows. In first place was Bobs 1/32nd scale Dambusters Lancaster diorama. Second was Daves “Reaper Dragon” and in third was Guys Revell 1/48th scale Messerschmitt BF-109-G10.

There were many more excellent entries so enjoy the photos.

Next month as another open competition and before that on Sunday the 28th of July is our local club show at Hannakins Farm Community Centre, Rosebay Avenue,
Billericay, Essex, CM12 0SZ.

Admission is £3.50 for adults and £1.50 for children and concessions.

See you there, until next time, happy modelling.